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What's included in the Super Mama Bundle?

Baby Resources

Newborn Essentials by Clara from Petite Capsule (eBook) $17.00

Everything you need for a new baby, and nothing more. Save time and money buying only what you really need for your bundle of joy. By a busy mum and accountant, for first time mums.

The Postpartum Mom Handbook by Karissa Whitman (eBook) $19.00

An “instruction manual” helping new, expecting, and postpartum mums feel CONFIDENT in the fourth trimester. So they can actually ENJOY their postpartum experience, instead of being blindsided by the challenges. Over 40 pages to help you conquer physical changes after birth, emotions after baby, basic care for a newborn baby, breastfeeding challenges, and much more.

Baby Massage & Yoga For Tummy Problems by Rachel Hawkes (eCourse) $13.00 (GBP $9.99)

A set of videos and guidebook to show you yoga and massage techniques, which can often help relieve some of the discomforts your baby might be experiencing, when suffering from constipation, trapped wind/gas, colic, and reflux. Full VIP support via a private Facebook Group is also included.

Postpartum Recovery Journal by Karissa Whitman (Workbook) $17.00

The Postpartum Recovery Journal helps you take the STRESS out of your fourth trimester, and take back control of your postpartum experience. 20 pages consisting of journal prompt pages and list of 10 bonus journal prompts, and mental health monthly tracker.

Kids and Homeschooling Resources

Emotion Activities for Children by Miranda Hodge (eBook) $9.99

5 activities to do with your child to build their emotional intelligence, and help them to manage their own emotions. Contains printable activities. A tool for parents and educators.

Road Trip Activities Bundle by Holly Connors (Printable) $10.00

Keep the kids entertained while on the road with 16 pages of printable road trip activities and games the whole family will love! Includes word search, car search, crack the code, object search, letter sudoku, I spy, car colour counting, maze puzzle, road sign search, road mix ups, ABC game, and road trip travel journal. There are also 2 pages loaded with ideas of games you can play that don’t need any props at all.

Farm Busy Book for Preschool by Linda Hurst (Printable) $12.00

Cute farm animals busy book to keep your preschool kid entertained while learning. 30 pages filled with fun and educational activities.

Homeschool Planner Bundle by Faith Lee (Printable) $20.00

Consists of three printables: Back to School Jungle Friends Monthly Planner for 2021, Customisable Weekly Activity Planner For Kids, and Motivational Posters For Kids.

School Vacation Planner by Holly Connors (Printable) $7.00

Manage your school holiday schedule and create a bucket list of activities to do with your kids to ensure you don’t hear those dreaded “I’m bored” words! Includes weekly schedule, activity ideas list, preparation planner, school break bucket list, and project planner.

Woodland Busy Book for Preschool by Linda Hurst (Printable) $12.00

Cute forest animals busy book to keep your preschool kid entertained while learning. 30 pages filled with fun and educational activities.

Homeschool Organising Labels by Ashley Smith (Printable) $3.00

38 organising labels to help you spend less time cleaning and searching for supplies. Most of the labels use REAL images of the item. This way your little learner has a clean understanding of where items belong.

Self Care Resources

Mommy Mindset Guided Journal by Alicja Ciesielska (Workbook) $49.00

Take back control of your mind, so you can be the best version of yourself. After going through the 51 prompts, you will have enough self-awareness to create a roadmap for your future.

Your Mental Health Matters by Eva Lewis (eBook) $7.00 (A$9.99)

A mini guide to support women’s mental health during hard times, created by a woman living with bipolar disorder. 50 pages of practical strategies and resources to help improve your mindset, mental health, anxiety, depression and more. Includes encouraging and bright quote pages, goal setting template, 30-day mental health challenge, trigger tracker, growth mindset exercises, brain dump template, and colourful affirmation cards.

The Angry Mom Cool Down Kit by Natasha Nunez (Workbook) $21.00

The Angry Mom Cool Down Kit gives you the tools to go from ready to blow a fuse, to ready to talk without screaming. The Kit is divided into two sections: quick fixes to diffuse the situation FAST so you don’t snap (again), and a workbook to prevent future blowups. Includes journal prompts, trackers, affirmations, 30 ways to cool down NOW, EFT tapping script to release anger (and video), and BONUS audio track of affirmations.

Mama’s Muscles by Christine Luna (eBook) $24.00

Beginner, at-home workouts for mums. 4 week program of quick, effective workouts.

Organisation Resources

The Momtastic Planner 2021 by Faith Lee (Printable) $25.00

168 printable pages to help busy mums get organised. Includes pages for goal setting, monthly planners, weekly planners, daily planners, kitchen organisation, meal planning, financial planning, and inspirational financial quotes.

Yearly Budget Workbook Planner by Julie Smeltzer (Workbook) $10.00

Track your income and savings. Visually see your budget and spend. Includes budget spreadsheet, savings tracker, bank account tracker, and annual budget planner spreadsheet.

The Busy Woman’s Planner by Leslie Windell (Printable) $7.65

A one-stop-shop for meeting the challenges of the modern-day woman by providing beautiful, classic, elegant planner pages in a variety of different categories. 49+ pages to manage your life. Includes planner, tasks, meal planner, fitness planner, cleaning planner, budget planner, goals planner, personal planner, and blank pages for customisable notes and planning.

Master Your Meal Plan by Kinzy Frizzle (eBook) $14.97

A painless 5-step system to easy meal planning for your busy family. Includes how to meal plan successfully in the little time you have, how to use Pinterest or Trello boards so that you can meal plan with ease, how to set up your meal plan system to function on autopilot so you can meal plan in just a couple of minutes a week, and much more.

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